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Food: Filling and Healthy Mince Pies


Nothing says Christmas quite like mince pies. I just love them so much. I have only had two so far this year, which for me is amazing as I'm usually on two a day by now.

I love making homemade ones and didn't want to let that go this year, so I've adapted them to make them a little more filling and healthy friendly.


They must've worked well as my family have gobbled a fair few and even my brother who 'doesn't like mince pies' said it was good.

These will cost you 2pp on Filling and Healthy!

"Filling and Healthy Mince Pies" servings="12" time="1 hour 30mins" difficulty="medium"


130g of oats blitzed

1 tsp of fructose

65g of low fat butter

2 tbsp of cold water

12 tsp of mince meat

Fry light


1) Mix the oats and sugar together, then add the butter and turn into breadcrumbs.

2) Add the cold water and bind into a pastry. Pop it in to the fridge for half and hour minimum.

3) Spray a chopping board with fry light and roll your pastry out as thinly as possible. Make 12 small circles and place in a baking tray.

4) Add a tsp of mince meat on top of each circle.

5) Make 12 toppings and cover the pies.

6) Bake in the oven on 200 oc for around 15-20 mins.