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Measuring Progress #3

Long time no blog post, however in that time I popped across the pond for a lovely trip to Paris and my brain has only just got back from holiday mode.

To ease myself back into blogging I thought I'd do a nice little progress update, for anyone who's interested.

To date I've now lost 40.5lbs (5 of which occurred whilst in Paris)!

Five months 40lbs lost side5 months 40lbs lost

If I'm honest I was pleasantly shocked when I saw the difference from this month compared to last month. I didn't think I'd changed that much, but I obviously have which is nice.

Now for a few NSV's:

1) I finished the C25K :O

So I actually did it, I finished the C25K running app programme, I'm not quite running 5K yet, but I am running for over 30mins without stopping so I'm still celebrating. My goal is to be able to run the distance by the New Year, and then begin 10K training :)

2) I can fit into a dress I wore 8 years ago to my year 11 prom

I just need an occasion to wear this dress now. But it confirms I'm a solid size 16 now, which is much better than the 22 nearing 24 I was becoming.

3) I managed to go on holiday and not go OTT

I'm not going to lie, food was on my mind a lot in Paris, and I'm thinking of writing a blog post all about my experience, however I'm pleased that I was sensible enough (and got enough walking in) that my weight loss journey wasn't affected!

Blog posts should become more regular again now, and keep your eyes out for a couple of festive recipes coming your way soon!

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