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Food: Filling and Healthy Christmas Pudding


I love Christmas, and all the food that comes with it, and whilst Christmas pudding is not something I usually look forward to (I'm normally all about the Mince Pies, see here) this year I wanted some; but I didn't want to waste the points.

I then searched the internet for an adaptable recipe, and found one that got the thumbs up all round. Even to the point where this will be our Christmas day pudding. (Proud moment right there.)

Now I've never made a Christmas pudding before, and know it can apparently be quite tricky, but I reckon anyone could make this bad boy.


Please let me know if you do!

"Filling and Healthy Christmas Pudding" servings="6" time="4hr 30mins" difficulty="easy"


150g Mixed Dried Fruit

75g of blitzed oats

1 tsp of Mixed Spice

1/2tsp of ground cinnamon

1 Warbie Thin made into bread crumbs

25g of light brown sugar

1 apple, grated

2tbsp of rum

4 tbsp of skimmed milk

2 eggs, beaten

2tbsp of sweet freedom


1. Mix all of the dry ingredients together in one bowl, and the wet in another.

2. Combine the two bowls and mix well.

3. Transfer to a pudding basin and wrap in foil.

4. Place it in a steamer for three hours (remember to top up the water!)

5. To reheat steam again for another 1-2 hours.

6. Run a knife around the edge, turn onto a plate and serve.


You can also microwave the pudding (no foil) with an upturned plate on high for 5 mins, leave to stand for 5, then on high for another five. To re-heat microwave for another 10 mins.

Whilst I work this out as 2pp per slice, any more and it will grow. It's 5pp a slice on counting.