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Food: Breakfast Egg-Chilada


Those of you who follow me on the social medias may have seen my feed flooded with my breakfast egg-chilada.


I was originally inspired by the lovely Elisha and her breakfast enchilada, however just changed it so that it was less carb heavy. IMG_8286

Hope you enjoy it.

"Breakfast egg-chilada" servings="1" time="10mins" difficulty="easy"


2 eggs

1 pot of beans

2 bacon medallions


1 tbsp bbq sauce


1) Mix eggs and cook like and omelette then put to one side.

2) Cut the bacon and mushroom up then fry in a pan.

3) Cook the beans then add the BBQ sauce. Spoon out the beans and add to the bacon and mushroom. Leave some of the sauce behind.

4) Put the egg in a dish and add the bacon mixture into the center, fold over then top with the sauce.