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Fitness: Friends Fitness Review


All the way back in July I was contacted by Lewis from Friends Fitness, asking me if I'd like to trial his new programme and I said 'sure, why not!'

Friends Fitness is essentially an online personal trainer. Lewis will get to know you a bit, work out a plan for you and give you access to a series of online workouts. He will also text you to make sure that you do them, and monitors it online to ensure that you actually do. To be honest, I don't know what he does if you don't do a workout, as I live in fear of being told off so did all of mine on time, but I'm guessing he'll just give you the extra nudge you need to get your butt moving that day.

I did an 8 week programme, that began with 3 workouts a week then moved up to four, which does sound like a lot, however they only lasted a maximum of 20 minutes, so it really is quite easy to schedule in. Most of the time I'd alternate a workout day with a running day, but some days I doubled up.

The workouts contained what looked like 'easy' exercises, however I definitely was left with  a bright red sweaty face. Each week focuses on a theme, and in every session you build on what you worked on the week before. I could feel myself not only being tested in each session, but also improving as the programme went on.

My main concern when trying the programme was that I wondered how it would differ from the videos that I was already following on YouTube. The answer, I soon found, was the support I was getting from Lewis. Nothing seemed like too much effort for him, he continuously gave me that nudge to keep working out, asked me if I needed any extra support via stretches etc. and was always there with encouragement. That's something YouTube videos can't do.

Sadly, during the time I followed the programme I wasn't completely on track food wise, documented here, so I don't have any results to publish (which I feel really guilty about.) However, I managed to pretty much maintain my weight whilst on the programme, and I fully believe I would've continued to gain if I wasn't following it.

If you'd like to know more information or sign up, you can do so here. An 8 week trial will cost you £35.

Disclaimer: Whilst I was able to trail this programme for free, all thoughts are my own and I was not given any monetary compensation, or asked, to write this blog post. I only ever want to be honest with this blog.

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