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Musings: 2016


I've ended up neglecting my blog for a while and I'm feeling slightly guilty about it if I'm honest. I've really enjoyed keeping a blog throughout this 'journey' (I'm cringing as I write that, but alas can think of no other word to describe what I'm doing...) however toward the end of last year, where I saw my free time practically vanish, I neglected it and have decided that's not ok.

Along with neglecting this blog, I've also been gaining weight! Over the past few months I've been wanting to write about how I feel about this gain, but I haven't really known where to start or what to say. Looking back though, I think I needed to see just how easy it is to gain back what I'd lost.

Toward the end of May, beginning of June, it seemed that no matter what I was doing, losses where just slowing down. I found I was really disheartened by it and it whilst I pushed through it was the first time things had actually gotten 'tough'. When I started in July 2014 my motivation seemed to last a really long time. I didn't want to eat the crap presented to me, I was happy in the knowledge that I was losing weight and feeling good about myself. Yet, as soon as the scales stopped being kind, my motivation began to wane.

It then became my birthday and I decided to have a few 'treats' which was fine and my gain wasn't too big, however I then found myself making excuses for little treats and so the yo-yoing began. I was also beginning to feel a bit stuck in a rut in my job and found myself heading back to comfort eating. However being in a job where I worked from home I was still exercising, so the gains stayed away for a while and my body didn't really change. I was also feeling slightly positive toward how I looked and I know that I got complacent.  After that I got a new job, which pushed fitness to the wayside pretty much 100%. The lack of free time and dark nights/mornings also got to me and again the comfort eating came back.

And now I'm here...

I gained another 3lbs over December (which I'm actually quite pleased with, but from January 1st I got back on plan and in 6 days I think I rectified a lot of damage as I ate like a PIG in December.) This means I'm 17.5lbs away from my lightest and 36lbs lb away from my goal. Which, if I'm honest sucks. I was looking through my Instagram posts last night of summer time and I felt so proud of how I looked, and it has given me some drive to get back there.

So after the longest recap on the end of 2015, (and probably boring you to tears) what do I plan to do in 2016?

Well firstly I'd like to begin losing weight again. If I'm not careful I'll be back to where I started, which is not ok.

I've also decided I'm going to try and be more productive in my lunch hour. Last year I'd just sit on Instagram/Twitter, but I've decided this year I'd like to actually do something. I did consider going for walks but my office is in the middle of nowhere, so instead I've decided I'll use some of the time to work on my blog as I really don't want it to fall by the wayside.

I also want to start thinking more positively, about my body, about my weight-loss and about life in general. I read a great blog post by Hannah Gale about loving your body and felt genuinely inspired after reading it.

I may even consider expanding my blog/social channels so they're not all weight loss-centric, but we'll see what happens there. Maybe just get back into blogging?

I plan on doing a whole other blog post on my thoughts on Smartpoints/No Count, however I can say I'll be sticking with WW and what I know works for me.

I'm also going to look into new ways I can get exercising again.

So, I think that's about it, I've managed to get my verbal monologue down on the page and fingers crossed this will be the year I get to my goal!


  1. I totally agree on the whole journey thing... Good luck, you sound focused and back on it :)

  2. Love u!! New Year = new beginnings