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Food: Spicy & Sticky Gammon

sticky and spicy gammon

So the other weekend I made a dish that ended with me literally contemplating marriage. It was so damn good.

As a lover of Slimming World's Sticky Chicken (to the point where I made it so much the rest of my family began to hate it so we don't have it any more...) and after seeing the ever inspirational This Time I'm Doing This post about her Chinese sticky pork I got creative.

I think the fact I made 'egg fried rice' (added scrambled egg to my rice) to with it made that little bit more special.

I'm also extremely thankful that I had enough to make leftovers. (Heart eyed emoji all the way guys!)

Please do let me know if you make this and tell me your thoughts....

It's 1 SmartPoint on No Count.

"Spicy and Sticky Gammon" servings="4" time="30 mins + marinading time" difficulty="easy"

2 tsp 5 spice powder

2 tbsp sweet freedom

2 tbsp dark soy sauce

2 x unsmoked gammon steaks

2 x chillies, chopped thinly

1 x onion, sliced into chunks


  1. Mix the 5 spice powder, chillies, sweet freedom and dark soy sauce together.

  2. Slice the gammon into thin strips then mix with the above ingredients.

  3. Leave to marinade for 4+ hours.

  4. Place the onion in a frying pan, sprayed with fry light, tip in the gammon and sauce and cook until all the sauce has reduced.