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Fitness: Life after C25K


So my Couch to 5K has ended and what an experience it was. I tell everyone who is looking to start running to download the app, it's just the best! It got me from not being able to run for 60secs to being able to run for over 30minutes. That is an incredible achievement by my standards.

When I finished the app I still wasn't quite hitting 5K, so I set that as my next goal, and I managed to do it on my next run!

After that I started just trying to get my timing down, however I found that it wasn't really motivating enough for me; and that focusing on distance was actually much more motivating. So then I set myself a big target:

I signed up for a 10K race. Now I have till May to train, and I'm feeling confident. I've been googling some new running routes and mapping out different distances. So far, my furthers run has been 5 miles; which I intend to run at least once a week now, just to prove I can, However it takes me a while to do, so I'm also just trying to run any distance over 5K twice in the week too.

So that's my plan for now; and if any of you are considering getting into running, I'd definitely look into the C25K programme.


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