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Musings: Food I tend to keep stocked up

Retail Design | Produce Display | Store Design | Making a meal plan before going grocery shopping is one easy way to save money!

After just doing a quick shop and un packing it all, I thought it may be a good idea if I let you know the staples that I've been keeping in the cupboards to keep me going on this weight loss journey.

Doing Filling and Healthy rather than counting points has made me really focus on foods which I may have skipped on to save points for 'naughty' treats. Now I feel like I'm properly fueling my body, which is great!

- Eggs: Eggs are a great base for everything. They work in breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can be made sweet and savoury and I pretty much go through at least a pack a week. So versatile.

- Poultry: I bet chickens hate me, but I get through quite a bit of chicken and turkey as it just really bulks out meals, and I love meat! (Sorry veggies) My dad cooks a whole chicken which he puts on sandwiches (for him and my mom) in the week, and I find myself picking at that whenever I'm in a picky mood, which is fine for F&H :D

- Tomatoes, Mushrooms & Peppers: I was just going to write fruit and veg but I'm guessing that that is pretty obvious right? Instead here are three I tend to add to most meals. They're great at bulking and adding flavour to meals.

- Bananas: Not only are they a great snack, they're also great for adding to baking recipes to keep things low points!

- Weight Watchers Bread: Whilst not all WW bread is free, the majority is, and I love their Pittas and wraps. They make food prep a hell'a lot easier.

So here are just a few staples. I'd love to hear yours too!

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