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Musings: My thoughts on Filling and Healthy

20140908-200447-72287632.jpgI've been asked a couple of times on my ol' Instagram about how I'm enjoying Filling and Healthy, how it works and my opinions; so I decided to type up a lil' blog post telling you my thoughts and feelings in case you were wondering too.

What is Filling and Healthy?

Filling and Healthy is a part of the Weight Watchers diet plan where you focus on eating Filling and healthy foods. Any food that Weight Watchers deem as filling and healthy are in green and you're able to eat as much as you want to without pointing it or weighing it. Anything that isn't filling and healthy has points, however you get 49 a week (weeklies) which you can dip into as you wish.

20140908-201123-72683951.jpgSo why do I like this version of the plan so much? I just find it fits into my life so easily.

I've done points before and I know points really well and was annoyed at having to do 'simple start' at the beginning this time, as I was really scared I was going to overeat and gain weight, but then I lost 6lbs!

On the whole overeating subject I've found that I haven't found myself wanting too. The portions I've given myself have been very filling and my need for 'snacks' and decadent desserts has dwindled. I feel better in myself and feel good for eating healthy and filling foods.

I eat with family every evening or I go to other people's houses to eat and I've found filling and healthy a great way to stay on track without having to ask people to weigh out my portion for me, which can be a bit embarrassing.

I feel better in myself knowing I'm eating healthy foods and also think I'm building new habits that will stick with me for life. When I did points I'd scrimp on stuff like chicken and potatoes to make room for chocolate, but now I eat really healthy which is good as I want to build on creating healthy habits that will last for ever, not counting points so I can eat as much chocolate as possible and still lose weight.

So for me, filling and healthy is working great. On the occasional day I want to eat a pizza when I'm dining out or really want something not on the list, I'll change my day to points and enjoy it.

What're your thoughts on filling and healthy?