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Food: Filling and Healthy Cheesecake


I love cheesecake.

Not the stupid moosey type one people try and serve, proper New York Cheesecake.

Now I'm not saying this is going to rival an Extra Special New York Cheesecake, but for 2 pro points for the whole thing on Filling and Healthy, I can live with it.


The recipe couldn't be easier, mix, bake and cool!

Serving it with some fruit is delightful, or if you're feeling naughty some chocolate would go lovely too.


Again this is another recipe I've adapted from the Filling and Healthy Fanatics page.

Recipe below!


"Filling and Healthy Cheesecake" servings="6-8" time="4hr 30mins" difficulty="easy"


2 Tubs of fat free quark (500g total)

2 tbsp vanilla extract

5 tbsp sweetner

1 egg

2 Options white chocolate hot chocolate sachets

Porridge oats (enough to cover the base)

Skimmed Milk


1) Scatter your oats across the base of you tin and press into place with the milk. Cook it in the oven on 160 oc until it's set, then leave to cool.

2) Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until fully mixed and creamy.

3) Pour over the oats and bake in the over for around 25 mins until firm and slightly golden.

4) Place it in the fridge to set for around 4 or more hours.

5) Dish up and serve.


You may wish to add more sweetner, or experiment with other flavours of hot chocolate too.