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Food: Making Lunch Last

Losing weight is tough! It takes a lot of time and dedication and it can be very easy to find yourself slipping up.

Being quite an organised person I've found that planning and prepping food has been detrimental to my success so far. Therefor I thought I'd show you how I end up making my lunch last; saving pounds and lbs.
IMG_0859[1]On a Monday or Sunday (usually a Monday as that's when I have the most time) evening I like to make a big pot of something that I can use in different ways throughout the week. For this example I've got a big smokey BBQ chicken chill esque product that I plucked from my imagination. All free on filling and healthy.

On Tuesday I made healthy wraps with it:

On Wednesday I had enchiladas:

Thursday was Nachos:

And I finished it on Friday with a tortilla bowl:

I find that doing this not only helps me save money, it also helps me save time as I'm not wondering what to have for lunch each day. Plus its super tasty and super filling to, it keeps me going till dinner which is always good.