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Food: Yummy Tatas


In today's post I'm bring you my 'yummy tatas' recipe.

I love carbs so much, but more than carbs I love chips. Proper chip shop chips to be exact. But that's not really WW friendly, or what I want to be putting in my body anymore. So I've devised a little recipe that fully satisfies both my carb cravings, and my weight loss.

0PP on Filling and Healthy too!

Hope you enjoy!

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"Yummy 'Tatas " servings="1" time="40mins" difficulty="easy"


1 potato

1 tsp of healthy oil (from daily allowance to keep it 0pp)

Chipoltle Chilli Grinder


1) Cut your potato into chunks. I like to keep the skin on.

2) Place the chunks on a baking tray and drizzle your oil over the top.

3) Grind the Chipoltle Chilli over the top and mix them all together so they're spread evenly on the tray.

4) Bake in the oven for around 30 mins on 220oc or until crispy.


You could use Fry Light if you don't want to use the oil and you can use whatever flavouring you like. I find this gives it a smokey BBQ taste with a tiny kick.