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Fitness: My workout routine


Over the past month or so I've turned into a kind of new person, and my parents are slightly worried that I've been kidnapped by aliens.

Well, maybe that's slightly over dramatic, but I've begun to exercise. A lot. And enjoy it. It's crazy!

I was always the girl looking for ways to get out of PE at school, would avoid anything that could leave me feeling sweaty and would be out of puff going up the stairs. (Still kind of am the last one, guess things don't always change.)

Now however, I set my alarm in the morning to give myself time to workout before I begin work for the day. I'm very lucky now as I get to work from home which means I don't have to factor in getting to work time so I wouldn't have to get up as early as when I used to go to the office. But I've found working out in the morning really helps keep me focused and I take satisfaction in knowing that I've done my main workout for the day before 8am.

I usually do a morning workout on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesday is weigh day so I like to do my work earlier so it's done before I head off to weigh in and so far every Monday I've been doing this I've either been too tired from a late weekend or had to drop my boyfriend somewhere.

I try to alternate a workout dvd/video with a run. So usually Weds/Fri will be a video and Thurs will be a run and I also try to do something on the Tuesday evening after weigh-in whether it be a run or a dvd.

I think one of the reasons I'm so into doing my videos is because I found out how to hook my phone to my TV and watch YouTube videos that way, which to be honest makes me feel like a Wizard. I've found lots of good channels that have great videos, but my favourite is definitely PopSugar Fitness. I find them really easy to follow, the instructor to be motivating and I love seeing the countdown timer. They also have their own app too which means you can do their workouts anywhere.

I've created a playlist on YouTube too, to show you the workouts I'm loving and whenever I try a new one I'll add it to the playlist if you fancy trying something new.

Along with these workouts and runs I also like to make sure I go for a walk at least once a day too. 1) Because I'm obsessed with hitting 10,000 steps on my FitBit and 2) It means I actually leave the house each day.

I hope this post has been maybe insightful and not completely dull, and has even given you a new workout to try.

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