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Musings: Ten things you don't realise about losing weight

Things you don't

When embarking on a weight loss journey there are certain things you realise about losing weight, you know, you'll need smaller clothes and you'll be smaller ('cause duh!) but there are also a lot of things you don't realise, which I'm sharing with you today.

1) You're shoe size shrinks. How is beyond me, but yeah, I've pretty much lost a shoe size.

2) Your confidence grows. Yes this may be obvious, but it grows in ways you'll never understand. For example I've cut my hair short, I say yes to social things more easily, I walk through restaurants without a sense of fear of getting stuck or knocking someones dinner off of the table with my fat ass (I can just visulaise Mean Girls right there.)

3) You still have nothing to wear. Everything is just too damn big, but you're either not ready for the next size down, or don't see the point in buying new clothes when you're going to be getting smaller too. Also all your big clothes still make you look big because they're too big. It's a real struggle.

4) Your bank balance decreases. See point number 3, and also you try stuff on in a smaller size and if it actually fits you just have to get it because it's a god damn size 12 top from Topshop (that was me yesterday btw...)

5) You can fit into new places. Ever sit in the same seat 'cause you know you'll fit? Just me? Well you'll actually be able to fit in other spaces too. And, more people will be able to sit on the sofa with you. And you may have to adjust your seat in the car now that there is more room between you and the steering wheel.

6) Your taste buds will change. I used to be all about the sweet stuff (strange that) couldn't get enough of it, but now I'm much more partial to savoury foods. I'd often chose a healthy 'fry' up over pancakes nowadays.

7) You start to notice you have bones. I honestly thought I'd woken up hungry in the night one night and eaten my skeleton as the only knowledge I had of being bony was when I banged my funny bone. Now I actually see collarbones on a daily basis, without having to make a funny face, and sometimes when I lie on my stomach I hurt my hipbone (shocked face).

8) People around you become diet experts. People who know you, but don't know you soon start seeing your success and giving you every piece of diet advice under the sun. Either that or they tell you you're looking too thin etc.

9) You get obsessive. You're still constantly thinking about food all the time, however instead of eating the first food that pops into your head, you give it thought and consideration and think about how you'll feel after you've eaten it.

10) You'll realise you're the exact same person you were before, just smaller. You can change the outside through weight loss, but you can't change the inside, remember that.


  1. I've recently found your blog, and I love it. I too am on the weight loss journey (25lbs off since beginning of January!) and every single part of this post really resonates with me. The bones things is funny - I sometimes can't lie on my side now as my knee bones knock against each other - I never even really realised I had knee bones!
    Keep up the good work, on both the fantastic blog and the fantastic weight loss success.
    Clare x

  2. Aw, thank you so much for your kind words Clare, they've made my day. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss, and best of luck :)