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Fitness: Ten things no one tells you about running


1) It never gets easier, you just always push yourself further.

2) Runner's high is actually a real thing that actually happens and is not made up just to make you go running.

3) It's often a struggle to get out of the front door.

4) The proper equipment really helps. Go to an actual running shop (yes they exist) and get help getting the right trainers, and a good water bottle helps too.

5) Some runs are easier than others. One day you may bosh out a 10k in no time, a couple of days later 10 minutes will be hard. I don't know why, but it happens.

break animated GIF

6) Having a break can actually be a good thing. I often find I run better when I've taken a bit of break, I also find it can get too much if I'm doing it too often.

7) You'll often be half way round and want to quit, but carrying on makes finishing that much more satisfying.

8) You will be able to tell if you're in real pain and can't carry on any longer 'cause you'll get an injury or if you're brain is just telling you you're in pain 'cause your brain is a bitch who doesn't want you to succeed.

9) Chocolate tastes 100x better when it's eaten after a run,

10) A mile is f**king long.

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