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Food: Snacking on Filling and Healthy


I know for some, one of the big things that puts them off trying Filling and Healthy is the thought of the lack of sweet stuff and wondering how on earth they would snack. It's definitely something that concerned me. But I actually found that it wasn't that difficult at all. By eating filling and healthy foods I feel fuller and last a lot longer between meals, however sometimes I need a little nibble on something, and this is the type thing I reach for.

1) Frozen fruit

Whilst frozen fruit is actually quite nice to enjoy just on its own, you can use it to make lovely refreshing smoothies too.


2) Chicken/Meat

I bloody love chicken, I think it's great. At the start of the week I cook a whole chicken (and remove the skin) and put it in the fridge and just grab at that when I'm feeling peckish. If there is no chicken left I move onto things like ham etc.


3) Fruit and Veg

Maybe quite obvious, but yeah, If you're hungry grab a banana or a carrot. I always like to remember the saying that if you won't eat an apple, you can't be really hungry.

4) Popcorn

I have a filling and healthy popcorn recipe up on my blog already, but it makes a great snack and sweet treat.


5) Free Bread

Things like Warbutons Thins or Weight Watchers products are great if you're starving and dinner isn't for another few hours. A Warbie thin toasted is a great gap filler.

6) Cakes

This covers the more sweet treats/dessert side of filling and healthy, but I love nothing more than rustling up a F&H cake to nibble on. Plenty of recipes on the blog.


7) Weekly propoints

Don't forget, you have 49 weekly pro points that need to be used. A great way to ensure you're still having yummy treats but eating the good stuff too.