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Musings: My week without my Fitbit


For Christmas I was given my very own Fitbit after lusting after others for a while, and whilst my obsessive personality ensured I'd love it, I don't think anyone (including myself) could ever have guessed I'd have become as obsessive as I am. I live for the buzz (once I've hit 10,000 steps) and walk round my house to get that number up on days my target has not been reached. Charging it is a task in itself as I also like to wear it when I sleep to show me that it's not just in my head and I do have a crap nights sleep far too often, so I have to charge it whenever I know I'm going to be still for a while, or I just plug it in when I have my daily shower.

So yes, my Fitbit is now a part of me, something that never leaves my wrist, until that is, the day it died.

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One day I went to put my Fitbit on charge and no lights appeared. I panicked. I unplugged the charger, tried it in a different socket, plugged it into my computer and nothing worked. I then tweeted for help (obviously) but still, it would not work.

I then got in touch with the lovely people at Fitbit (seriously, amazing customer service) who very kindly sent me a new one. However, the delivery time was 10-12 days, which is obviously a life time to not wear a Fitbit. In the end, I was Fitbitless for a week, as I had a few days charge left and it got delivered a bit early (yay!) and I thought I'd tell you a little bit from my week without my Fitbit.

On the first day all I could notice was how bare my arm felt. I'm used to having this wrist strap on 24/7 and suddenly my arm was naked and exposed to the world. It felt very strange.

I then found it really hard to motivate myself to go for a walk, as what was the point if my Fitbit wasn't with me to count the steps. It was hard to push myself, and I must admit, there were numerous days where I knew if I had my Fitbit, I would've tried harder.

I'd try and guesstimate the number of steps I'd have done each day following days previous with the Fitbit, but somehow I know that I probably wouldn't have buzzed any of the days I was Fitbitless.

Sleeping also felt pointless, as I knew I wouldn't be able to definitely tell if my weird dreams were making me restless and to blame for the fact I felt so tired in the morning.

Then there were activity points. The main reason I got my Fitbit was because it can be synced with Weight Watchers and tell me how many activity points I'd earned, and that week the small activity points sign really left me deflated. I was manually entering my activity into the Fitbit app (sobbing each time I saw the little x over the battery) but I knew that it wasn't going to get me the same as usual.

So whilst I found I'm maybe slightly unhealthily attached to my Fitbit, I also found that it really is a great motivator to me to get up, get moving and not sit on my fat ass all day.

So Fitbit, I thank you, my weight loss thanks you and I beg you to never leave me again.

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