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Food: Five things I like to have in my freezer


Planning is such a huge part of successful weight loss, in my opinion. The weeks I have the best losses are the weeks I've planned my meals out and now exactly what I'm having.

Sometimes it's far too easy to think 'eff it when you've got no food in, or you're late home from work and can't be bothered to cook, but here is where the freezer comes in. The freezer is your weight loss friend. All you need it a few things in your freezer and a good hearty meal is on the way. Plus, if it's in your freezer, you can plan for it! Sorted, right?

Here are five of my favourite things to have in the freezer:

1) Frozen fruit/veg - not only is frozen fruit and great think to grab if you want to make a quick smoothie (or some peaches and cream ice cream) it's also great as a healthy snack, or as an accompaniment to bulk other foods out. The same with veg, it's a great way to bulk meals out and ensure you're eating healthy.

2) Bread - I love carbs, I really do, and I always try to make sure I have back-ups of the Weight Watchers, wraps, pittas and petit pains in so that I can always have a little side to my meals, or have back-up in case the super market runs out and I plan to have them with a meal.

3) Food bases- I was unsure what to call this, but what I'm talking about is things like Chili, bolognese sauce etc... as they work so well in so many different ways. That way you have a base, but you can put with it whatever you fancy that it day.

4) Leftovers - My brother is a fussy eater, which means making dinner is a pain as I have to make him something different, but a score for the freezer as it means I can place his portion in the freezer for another day, when I can't be bothered to cook.

5) Meat - Seems pretty basic, but always having meat in your freezer is a great way of ensuring you always have a back up of something to cook, just in case!

What do you like to keep in your freezer?