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Musings: What do when you feel a binge coming

How to

On the day I'm writing this I've had a rough couple of days. Not in the sense anything bad happened to me, just in the sense I got an undeserved gain at weigh in, and want to eat my body weight in chocolate. On the Tuesday of my weigh-in, I gave in to the temptation, I didn't eat hardly anything compared to what I used to eat, but for what I eat now, I went hard.

I told myself that I could have that day to wallow and then I had to get straight back to it, which I did, but man it's been hard. It's like all my cravings have come back and now all I can think about is the delicious milky chocolate sitting in the other room. So I thought that instead of eating it all, and feeling like poop, I'd put my thinking into better use and write a blog post on ways to avoid having a binge.

1) Get out of the house - leave the place where the food is and take yourself for a nice walk. It may also be helpful to leave all your money at home too so you don't go out and buy food instead. Getting some fresh air should clear your head, and you should be able to give yourself a stern talking to and think about what you really want. I also find that after I've exercised I rarely want to undo all the hardwork I've just done.

2) Remember why you started - I've done a whole blog post of reasons on why I started this weight loss journey, and when you think about throwing all your hardwork in for that binge, it's useful to remember those reasons and think about why it is you've stayed on track for so long.

3) Eat something - but make it healthy. I know for me that although I'm not really hungry, I just need to be eating/grazing. Whilst this isn't the best for weight loss, I know I'd rather be snacking on filling and healthy food like chicken or plain popcorn than eating all the chocolate 'cause then at least I'm still following the plan, and I'm still being relatively healthy.

4) Read a book - I can't eat and read, so if my hands are kept busy reading, not only am I leaving my own head, I'm also not able to reach for food. It's a good distraction technique.

5) Drink all the water - Water makes you feel full and if you're feeling full, hopefully you're less likely to want to eat. Plus, if you have had a few things already, it will help to flush them out.

6) Don't beat yourself up - everyone's been there and these things happen. Focus on the next steps you can take and on how you can stop yourself the next time. Sometimes you just need to move on.

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