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Musings: Honest Advice About Weightloss

Honest Advice About Weightloss

Weight loss is tough, and anyone who says it isn't is most probably lying or an alien sent from another planet. It's tough, it takes time but at the end of the day it's worth it.

In today's post I wanted to write about some honest advice that I don't feel is put out there enough.

- You will eat a doughnut occasionally, and the world won't fall apart. You may even still lose weight that week.

- There will be bad days or even bad weeks. Sometimes they even turn into bad months. It happens.

- Other people can be your biggest help or biggest hindrance. They may start off supportive, then see you succeed and be forcing you to eat crappy food. Others  may see you struggling and nudge the salad close to you. It's important to keep differentiate between the two.


- You could reach your goal weight and still be unhappy. You'll think seeing a certain number on the scale will mean your instantaneously happy with yourself. Chances are, you won't be. It's in your head, not a number on a scale on the floor.

- You can't cheat and expect it to work.

- There isn't an easy way to do things.

- After losing a certain number of pounds and once you begin to feel better in yourself, you'll become complacent, and stop giving it your all.

- It doesn't matter what diet you follow, it will only work if you do. So many people chop and change which one they're following, but ultimately, they all require effort in order to work.

- You'll want to give up on so many occasions. Don't. 'Cause you'll soon be back to where you started, begging to be where you are now.

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