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Musings: Hey It's Ok...Weight Loss Edition

Hey It's Ok...

I don't know about you but I've always loved the 'Hey it's ok...' section in Glamour magazine, and admit I often only buy it for that bit (and the end section, that always makes me lol too.) So today I thought I'd do my own 'Hey It's Ok... Weight Loss Edition.' Hope you enjoy.

- To have a day off every now and again, 'cause life.

- To maybe spread your week 60/40 instead of 80/20 sometimes.

- To take that extra rest day, sometimes your body just needs it.

- To admit that you struggled with a workout, even though you did it perfectly the week before.

- To eat dessert for breakfast, and breakfast for dinner, you do you!

- To know that all images in magazines/online have most likely been photoshopped and therefore present unobtainable body goals, but still use them as motivation.

- To buy an item of clothing because it's a size smaller than you expected you'd need.