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Food: Smoothie #2

If you saw my Instagram earlier then you'll have noticed that I've got quite a thing for smoothies at the moment.

I've previously shared one of my smoothie loves, and I thought I'd share another one today.

This is 0pp on both Filling and Healthy and regular pro points, so it's great for everyone!


The ingredients are pretty simple and can be varied as much or as little as you like!

I take a handful of frozen blueberries and raspberries (the frozen-ness adds a nice texture to the smoothie!)

A couple of nectarines which are easier to sort when they're a bit ripe.

Some Pineapple and half a cup of water.

I then throw them all in my smoothie maker. I like to add the soft stuff first, then the frozen and finish with the water.

I find it blends better then!IMG_3455Et Voila!

Simple to make, and if I do say so myself, truly scrumptious.

You could add some greens to make it extra healthy too, but I love the dark red colour this gives.