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What Do The Scales Say? #2

What do the scales say?

Second weigh-in today and I'm pleased to report that I'm another 3lbs down.

That makes a 9lb loss in total and my first half stone acomplished.

I was feeling slightly nervous this week as I had a weekend away where I wasn't in control of what food I was eating very much, but I stayed away from as many bad things as I could and made sure I pointed everything.

I'm really enjoying filling and healthy and think I'll carry on with it for longer.

Here's to the next weigh-in!


  1. Great job! You have inspired me to change from counting to doing the Simply Filling plan! I struggle with weighing and feeling hungry, I think this will work for me! Keep it up :)

  2. Let me know how Filling and Healthty goes for you :)