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What do the Scales Say?

What do the scales say?This week has been a bit tough for me! I've been on holiday since last Saturday so Internet has been very hard to find, hence why this post is late.

Also due to being away I had to be weighed in on a Tuesday (a day early) and in a different location; I feel this is important to note.

Now I'd been as good as I possible could whilst away, I sat and watched everyone eat cakes, chips and high pointage food whilst I however, tracked everything I ate and stuck to the plan 100%. I walked everyday, sometimes even uphill:


And cycled 18 miles:


So when it came to Tuesday morning I admit I was feeling quite positive. I then got on the scales and my heart sunk, I stayed the same

Now don't get me wrong, on a week where I may have slipped a bit I'd be thrilled with a stay the same, but due to the fact I'd been so good on HOLIDAY and exercised my large arse off, I was disappointed.

So I did what any rational person would do, I had a cry, considered eating all the cakes in the cake shop that I walked past on the way to the meeting (who positions a weight watchers meeting near a cake shop?) but instead settled for an iced lemonade from Costa (a small for 3 pro points) and calmed down a bit.

After reading lots of lovely comments on Instagram and talking to my parents I realised that these things are going to happen on this journey and I need to learn to deal with it. I then began to figure out all the non scale victories I had and felt a lot better. I carried on pointing everything for the day, and then, when we went out for dinner at our favourite holiday restaurant I ate what I wanted and enjoyed every mouthful. I had over 20 weeklies and almost 30 activity points left so didn't feel guilty, and carried on the rest of the week, pointing like normal.

Now let's just see what the scales say next week, shall we?


  1. I've been there xoxo Try not to be discouraged! You are doing so great and sometimes when we add activity, it takes our bodies time to adjust. Way to go not eating all the cakes! My weight watchers store used to be by a pizza shop and now its next to a sandwich shop LOL Teaching us willpower I guess :)