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Food: A Turkey Pasta Recipe

Turkey PastaFor me there is nothing better than a nice pasta sauce, and whilst doing the simple start programme I decided to make some nice sauce to go with wholewheat pasta and this was my creation. It got a thumbs up all round so I decided to snap and share with you guys!


You will need:





Wholewheat Pasta

Fry Light

Mixed Leaves

Passata Chipolotle Chille

Lea & Perins

Turkey Steaks

IMG_3360 IMG_3361 IMG_3365Begin by getting your chopping on. I chose to dice the onion so it would disolve into the sauce and also cut my peppers quite fine too. Which ever way you wish to do it will be fine though.


I then fried the onion with the garlic and a few sprays of Fry Light.

IMG_3367Once the onions had started to brown I added the turkey and continued frying until the turkey was cooked.


Whilst the turkey was cooking I added the pasta to a pan of boiling water.


Once the turkey was cooked I added the pepper and mushroom and gave it a good stir.


It was then time to create the sauce. I used a pack of passata with a few grinds from the chipolte chilli grinder and a good splash of Lea & Perins. I then seasonsed to taste.IMG_3373 IMG_3376

I then added the cooked pasta and some leaves and left it to simmer for another 20 mins so the flavours could all get aqquainted.

IMG_3379Et Voila!

A nice and easy turkey pasta. Due to it being whislt I was doing simple start there were no measurements and no points, but I can't see it being too high as you would just need to count the pasta and turkey. It was extremelty filling too.

A winner all round!


  1. This looks delicious!! Will be making this tomorrow night for dinner. Love the pictures! Keep it up!

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    This recipe looks amazing and is made entirely with Weight Watchers Power Foods :D