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Musings: A Non Scale Victory #1

NSVThrough all of my weight loss attempts I've been told you can't just focus on the scales to measure your success; you have to count the non scale victories too. This is something I wholeheartedly agree with.

On previous attempts with weight watchers I've always counted my non scale victories with what size clothes I can get in it, and whilst that's a great way to measure success and makes me feel damn good about myself, this time I want to document more non scale victories.

I feel that documenting my NSV will allow me to keep motivation later on when the beginners motivation is starting to dwindle. So, even though I'm only 4 days in (and already having weird dreams about weigh day, just me?) I thought I'd document my first non scale victory.

Last night I went out for dinner with my friends and whilst I'd never really worried about meals out in the past on weight watchers (I'd always just pointed. I love the eat out guide by the way) this time I felt different. As you have to do simple start on your first week it was difficult finding a meal which fit in with this plan. I was determined that I was not going to give in though, I was going to make it work.

Therefor I order new potatoes rather than chips; something unheard of for me. Consulted my eat out guide to see what the lowest points were, and chose what I considered the healthiest choice. I chose the Pollo Milanese from Ask and asked for the sauce on the side. So, whilst the chicken was breaded and I may have dunked a couple of pieces in the sauce I feel that I managed to stay on track really well. I drank water all night and watched whilst everyone ate a McDonalds before the taxi home.

This morning my plan is to go for a nice long walk, and I'm filled with confidence that I'll be able to make smarter choices when eating out now.

Yay me!


  1. Eating out with friends is so hard! I always want to enjoy what everyone else is... good reminder that there are healthy and yummy choices if I try to find them :) Great non-scale win that adds up!

  2. It is always so hard :) Sometimes the healthy choices just don't scream out as loud as the others :)