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Musings: How you know your head's in the weight loss game

You know those times when you're feeling all fired up and ready to totally kick weight loss butt and nothing can touch you, 'cause you my friend, you are pure health.

It's often felt when we first embark on a new plan, or after a bit of time off when you're feeling rubbish to turn things around or even when you look in the mirror, hate how you feel, and then decide enough is enough.

Many of us often call it Monday morning, but regardless, you know what I mean.

So here are some ways you just know you're head's in the game: (anyone else totally got Zac Efron in their head now? Just me? OK then...)

You don't feel tempted by 'bad' food

You instinctively reach toward the 'better' option when hungry

When you have some free time, you decide to use it to exercise

You've got all your meals planned out for the week

You fill your food journal in with pride each night and don't lie when filling it in

Your freezer is bursting at the seams cause of all the meal prep you've done

You become BFFs with the cashier at your local supermarket cause you're there every day buying God damn fresh fruit

You remember what an apple tastes like

You've learnt how to say no without crying

You don't dream about chocolate each night

You get emails from takeaway companies checking to see if you're still alive as you haven't used them for a while

You spend all day excited to go to weigh in and show all the other fatties just how 'on it' you are

You're constantly Instagramming every morsel that passes your lips because everyone should be eating what you are


How do you know you're head's in the game?