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Life: Five ways to cheer yourself up without food

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling a little bit down and glum, my go-to is to reach for the biscuit tin and gorge myself on delicious goodies.

Which, if I’m honest, does little for my mood but just feels like it should be the right solution.... 
(I’ve written a bit about emotional eating in this blog post FYI.)

So today, I thought I’d write a blog post that will serve as a reminder for me, and maybe possibly help you the next time you’re feeling glum and looking for food to be the answer.
Because no matter how much we desperately want it to be, nine times out of ten it only makes things worse. However, that one time in ten, chocolate really is the only answer so you get that Galaxy and you eat until you feel better.

Pick up a book

There’s nothing like getting out of your own head by getting into someone else’s. Either take the time to find that new book you’ve been desperately trying to read, or get out your old favourite (my fall-back is always ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me’ by Sarra Manning) and just start reading. Not only will it distract your mind, it will also keep your hands busy meaning it’s less likely you’ll be able to comfort eat, even if you wanted to.

Put your pyjamas on

You’re never going to start feeling more cheerful whilst your jeans are digging into your waist, your bra is attacking you and your feet are cold. So, go and put on your comfiest pyjamas, maybe get a hoodie to go over the top and for the love of all things biscuit related, put on a pair of cosy socks. I promise it will help you instantly feel better.

Have a movie marathon

No surprises that my movies of choice would be of the Disney variety, but if horror is your bag, go for it. Perhaps you don’t actually want to watch a film, then you need to get on a new TV show series. This is the kind of binge that is totally a-ok to do when you’re feeling upset. Like with reading, it takes you out of your own world and puts you in a completely new one.

Go for a walk

Sometimes, you just need to get away from whatever is bringing you down, so the best solution is to put on your trainers and just walk. Obviously, make sure you’re safe and keep to areas where you’ll be seen and not likely to bump into anything scary (and take your phone), but just get out the house and walk. Walk until you finally start to feel a bit better, then walk a little more. Fresh air does wonders for the soul, and walking is so much better for you than sitting at home scoffing your face.

Talk to ‘your person’

I hope you all get the Grey’s Anatomy reference, but if not, a person is basically the one you always go to when you’re in need. My ‘person’ (well people) are my mom, my dad and best friend. If ever I’m glum or down, I just harangue these people until I start feeling better. You don’t even need to tell them what’s going on with you, or that you’re feeling down. You could talk about the weather, the funny thing your dog did the day before, or just even sit next to them.  Sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re not alone.

Oh, it also turns out that I’ve already written a blog post like this (well done Laura) which I’m just going to leave here.

What do you turn to when you’re trying to avoid food when you’re feeling down? 

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