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Musings: The pains of trying to lose weight when you work in an office

Sure, working in an office is not always on the top of everyone's list, but it's something many of us have to deal with. And whilst it's rarely all fun and games anyway (well, aside from the occasional day here and there) it can often feel 100x worse when you're trying to lose weight.

For instance:

Cake, cake everywhere.

And if it isn't cake it's something else that's delightfully sugary and can make you gain 5 stone just by looking at it.

Sometimes it's even savoury, which means all the carbs, butter and fat laden goodness that makes you go weak at the knees.

Why is it always someone's birthday?

Always getting up to go to the kitchen to re-fill your drinks bottle. Why yes, I do drink a lot of water, thanks for noticing Sonia.

Having to avoid eye-contact when you need to go the to the toilet, again.

Staying polite as you listen to the big 'gym-buff' tell you how you're basically doing it all wrong. Thanks Brian, really vital information.

Trying not to stab yourself in the eye when the people who have figures you'd kill for talk about how they need to lose weight and the latest craze they're taking part in to do it.

Figuring out the long way to walk around the office so that you can get in extra steps.

Trying to avoid conversations that talk about diets and fitness. Especially when you're the largest one in the group and can feel everyone's eyes on you.

The awkward moment when people ask you about your diet and what you're eating. Yes, I can have cheese, no it isn't against my 'diet' so why don't you go back to your soup of shame Edith and leave me be?

Ignoring the 'free food in the kitchen' email and the herd of people rushing through the office to get there whilst focusing on not letting the drool fall out of your mouth and onto your keyboard.

Pretending like you aren't jealous of Michael's last-minute pastry purchase from lunch. Even if you close your eyes and pretend, your apple is never going to live up to that.

Planning meetings around your eating routine, and having a mild panic when you see it's over lunchtime and 'catering is provided'.

The panic every Monday morning after a heavy weekend, worrying about whether you're none stretchy, comfy, clothes are going to fit.

And last, but not least, having to be polite when you're full of hanger and have to watch other people eat whatever they like without the consequences. Am I right?


  1. I could not love this post anymore, I was nodding along with all of this. It's all the free food, it's NEVER healthy stuff. And yes when the tiny people eat 10 donuts and pick on nothing, I take a bite and put in 3,424,958 stone! Great post Laura! x

  2. Such a good read, Laur. I do admire your discipline to eat healthy. It’s not all about looks, but also about being fit. And I can guarentee you, that if the whole team went out for a run, you’d be way fitter than most of us!
    I wish I had half of the discipline you have! Really proud of you xx